In 2004, I was given the opportunity to have a solo exhibition at Nottingham Castle Museum (Nottingham, UK). It was called ‘Colour and Mind’ and was part of a prize I had won one year earlier. I was thinking about the theme for this important exhibition, which would be held in a relatively big venue. By then, I had been studying colours systematically for 20 years. This was an opportunity to start a long term project, which could summarize and extend my thoughts on and approach to the concept of colour. For the first exhibition in this series, the aim was to present colours and their effect through large-scale paintings. For that purpose, I studied art from two different cultures, the scientific and the artistic.  

One year later, I had the opportunity to exhibit my work at the Richard Attenborough Centre, University of Leicester. This was the largest exhibition so far of my paintings. The aim was inspired by scientific studies of Neuroesthetic Theory and the exhibition was called ‘Colour and Mind: Static and Dynamic’. By this I wanted to reflect the relationship between the dynamic processes in nature and what we are able to receive as a limited range of colours.

The third exhibition, ‘Colour, Love and Mind’ (2007), was an extension of the second one. For this I took feelings such as love in different situations. I was invited to have this exhibition by Northampton Museum & Art Gallery.

The fourth exhibition (2008) was held by Catmose Gallery (Oakham, UK) with the title ‘Colour, Light and Mind’. The aim was to create a very large wall painting by a combination of 500 small paintings. The subject was the world that we cannot see and touch but that exists, and whose existence we can feel.

These exhibitions, in the first decade of the century, were the basis for the following decade, in theory and practice, where I experimented extensively with the medium of screen printing and pure, flat colours on different surfaces. Now I am on the third step of the same path, trying to experiment more but on a larger scale, to reflect the world that I see outside and inside myself.